We use latest technology for manufacturing high quality knitted garments mainly on CMT (Cut, make, trim) basis, also expanding in-house production.For this we use German flatbed knitting machines Stoll (3, 5, 7, 12 gauge). Sewing equipment comes from Juki and Yamato(Japan). We may sew overlock, babylock, flatlock or link the seams. Ironing machinery comes from Ottelo Nepi (Italy) and washing and drying equipment from Primus (Belgium).

Dependently on the requirement, we may manufacture garments of various grade of complexity.

Cut-and-sew” – parts (such as front, back, sleeves) are cut of the knitted swatches and then the final product is sewed.

FullyFashion” – separate parts of the product (such as front, back, sleeves) are knitted accordingly to the final measurements and then jointed together.

Ready to wear” – a fully finished product is knitted.

We have possibility to make different kind knitting patterns such as intarsia, jacquard, lace, aran, embroideries, prints and hand work decorations and other.